Introducing Silk by KATYA KATYA, a new and exciting venture by KATYA KATYA London. The brand is bringing out a range of pure silk dresses combined with a line of silk and lace tops. The whole collection exudes lightness and clean elegance. The sleek dresses are perfect for a bride looking to have an understated yet impactful look whilst keeping KATYA KATYA’s comfortable and effortless aesthetic. The styles are inspired by the clean lines of the 100% silk material used, creating a range of sophisticated and timeless pieces. The dresses move effortlessly showing the clean lines of this sleek and refined new line. The beautifully pure designs are a perfect canvas for someone who would like to dress them up with more accessories or for a bride who is looking for a clean look with impeccable detailing and quality. The brand also kept true to its versatile designs offering the 5 styles with the combination of 5 different tops. It is the perfect way to change up your look from day to evening or for a different event of the wedding day. The five tops come in lace and 100% silk materials giving brides 25 different ways to dress up their looks with these playful and stylish options.

Bridal dresses by KATYA KATYA prices vary between 1000 and 2500 euros